HH Democrats Club


Sarah Lessig, Thea Aquino and Callie Bonner

Last year, a new HH Democrats Club was formed by seniors Thea Aquino, Sarah Lessig and Callie Bonner with social studies teacher Mr. Glen Cleveland as the adviser. The club’s goal is to keep students informed and get them more involved in politics by holding meetings through Teams and being active on social media. 

The months leading up to the election are a prime time for the club. During their meetings, they have discussed the presidential and vice-presidential debates. They have encouraged people to become poll workers, since many of the older people who would usually volunteer are at a higher risk for the coronavirus. They also support Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate.

This election has been especially polarized this year. Callie said, “The vastly differing viewpoints and public affairs have candidates and voters on opposite sides in regards to the right and left wings.” 

The club has gotten some hate. People would post negative comments on the club’s Instagram and Snapchat.

Thea said, “There were many Snapchat posts showing people tearing down club posters and putting them in water fountains. We got many ‘Trump 2020’ comments on our Instagram, along with lots of cursing and people saying that the club is a joke.”

Sarah said, “Upon our first meeting last year, we had plenty of flyers that were ripped down and hateful comments on our Instagram. However, it is important to us that we create a safe environment for our members: one where they are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in.”

Last year, Trump supporters formed a fake HH Republicans club. They posted signs throughout the school announcing a new club. However, their club was never officially formed.

Junior Madeline Murphy unsuccessfully tried to start an official HH Republicans club. “I have been wanting to start a Conservative Club since I noticed another political club was formed because I think it’s kind of sad that there is not an equal representation of both political parties. I was planning to start it with my friend, Julia Fumo. However, we have been struggling to start this, not only because of the shut down of our school but due to other factors as well, such as finding a teacher to run our club.” 

Callie welcomes a HH Republicans club. She said, “We’d love to see more constructive action in opposition to us and hold discussions where opposing sides actually share opinions rather than post hate. The hate makes us want to improve as a club and respect others’ opinions.”

HH Democrats support Joe Biden’s initiatives, such as increasing the rights of women, LGBTQ+, veterans and disabled people, climate reform, gun safety policies, and closing the wage gap. They also support his proposals for the creation of a White House council on gender equality, starting the Supportive Services of Veteran Families to reduce veteran homelessness, protecting women’s Roe vs. Wade abortion rights and committing to the Paris Climate agreement. They share their views via Instagram posts.

Sarah said, “Biden is a moderate liberal who is willing to speak up for everyone. He supports the Affordable Care Act, implementing a nationwide mask mandate to fight the coronavirus, and raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. He is also in favor of allowing undocumented immigrants access to insurance, eliminating the death penalty, and allowing people to vote-by-mail if they do not feel comfortable doing it in person.”

However, not all members of the club like Biden as an individual. The “Settle for Biden” movement is also commonly supported by club members. This means that although Biden may not be an ideal candidate in some member’s eyes, they still think he would be a better president than Donald Trump. 

With Pennsylvania being a swing state with twenty electoral votes, it will be a very influential state in the election. The club stresses the importance of voting.

Thea said, “This is a crucial election. However, whatever the outcome is, people need to keep an open mind and learn to be less polarized.”

HH Democrats will continue its virtual initiatives throughout this year. Students can join the club through the Remind by texting @hhdem to 81010.