During Quarantine – Teachers

During Quarantine - Teachers

Social studies teacher Mr. Kunz

“The Kunz family is managing by sharing a lot of time outdoors with one another and brushing up on our campfire cooking skills to be ready for the next Cub Scout season. cheesy bread baked in a dutch oven on open coals turned out golden brown and delicious.”


Special education teacher Mrs. Hitchens

“I Messenger Video with my granddaughter in North Carolina every morning!  I missed her first birthday and her first Easter because of the travel ban, and I can’t wait until I can go see her! The pic was from the last time I saw her.”


World Language Teacher Mrs. McGorrey

“Doing well!”



Mathematics Teacher Mrs. Richards

“Doing whatever we have to survive!!  This is what the girls do, while I exercise next to them.”


Mathematics teacher Mrs. Sedlacsik

“The only perk to teaching from home is teaching right next to my animals.”



Mathematics teacher Mr. Fuguet

“My classroom away from my classroom. Missing all of you Hatters, and wish we could be back in school! Stay safe and healthy.”


Science Teacher Mr. Baker

“I’ve been trying to do as much schoolwork outside by the fire pit on nice days. And smoking ribs, chicken and pork. And reading. Gets me out of the house, you know?

Here’s a pic from a few minutes ago. Ribs have been smoking for 3 hours, while I’ve been in a Zoom faculty meeting and replying to my students solving a medical case using Microsoft Teams. All while outside!”


Science Teacher Mr. Enge

“When I’m not teaching I’m spending my time outside. I built a garden with some repurposed wood.  Fires in the fire pit, and running every day just to be able to get out.”


Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Mrs. Roth

“I have been baking and sewing when not answering student emails!”



Learning Support teacher Mrs. Morris

“I have been having virtual “tea parties” with many different friends and family.  It’s been something to look forward to every day. You never know who I might call to chat and have tea with (the one and only thing Facebook video chat is good for).”


World Language Teacher Mrs. Dynan

“Hola:) This is a pic of me in my “classroom.” I use my dining room table as my desk because my husband is working in our office upstairs. I feel like I am a brand new teacher again. I am struggling to find ways to connect with all of my HH students and bring Spanish into their lives at home.  I am in my dining room from 8am-6pm most days trying to make lessons and review work from my students. My own boys are doing school themselves in their rooms or at the kitchen table. I bounce back and forth between helping my 4th grader learn math and my HH students. Life is difficult now, but we are doing the best we can every day.

I miss my HH staff and students!!!

🙂 Sra. Dynan ❤🎩😊”


Social Studies Teacher Ms. Wade

“Covid 19: Got me using those Keith Valley skills 30 years later.  #always a hatter, #class of 95.”


Learning Support Teacher Mrs. Schoell

“I’m getting by and enjoying my days as I receive daily pics and videos of our 1st grandbaby throughout the day. We are also dog sitting a few of our four-legged grandbabies during the week.”




Social Studies Teacher Ms. Krier

“I am learning how to play guitar during quarantine…here’s a pic.”



English and Language Arts Teacher Mr. Liguori

“As difficult as Quarantine has been, we have been enjoying nature. In fact, a family of foxes lives under our shed. A mom, a dad and three babies – called pups, cubs or kits. Recently, we discovered their family continues to grow. In fact, there are 3 new kits as of this week. Amazingly, their family has blossomed to 8 members. Since we are all home together, we spend our late afternoons and evenings outside on our paver patio or under our covered patio watching them play. Have you ever heard the sounds foxes make? The chattering sound is more like that of a bird. Our favorite activity is feeding them. In fact, they come right up to us. At this point, it’s life’s simple miracles that have replaced the hustle and bustle of having an 8th grader and 5th grader to usher around to soccer, track, chorus and band.”


English and Language Arts Teacher Mrs. Hilker

“We’ve been surviving by playing lots of board games. This one is Dinosaur Island.”



English and Language Arts Teacher Mr. Deluca

“I guess you could say my family and I are coping well. I’m very happy to have my son back from his first year of college. I didn’t know how much I would miss him until he went away. Family time, such as dinners, are much more significant now. We keep to ourselves during the day but come together for dinner and the dinners are longer than they used to be. My wife and I have spoken about how much we appreciate the time and our conversions more than ever – I think we took them for granted.

This picture was taken just after my first ever “in-home” haircut when I realized it might be months before I could get to a professional. My wife did a fine job, all things considered, but my sons are letting theirs grow out.”


Gifted, English and Language Arts Teacher Mrs. Murphy

“I like to get outside whenever I can”




Autistic Support teacher Ms. Schagrin

“This was an hour ago-attempting to have a Zoom call.  Leverick can’t sit still for me to work all morning, so I had him make play-doh to keep him quiet.”


Industrial Arts teacher Mr. Pompei

“I’m starting to work out getting the 3d printers from our classrooms to bring back to my house. I’m having my class this week research and/or interview anyone in the medical field or similar to find out what type of PPE parts or equipment they are in need of. We MAY be able to help print some parts for them and get them into their hands.”


Library Assistant Ms. Mastrogiovanni

I am doing fine isolated with my 24 year old son.  Taking one day at a time and look forward to seeing you both when school is able to open.”