The Average Hat: Connor Brennan


Freshman Connor Brennan.

This is part of a new series, The Average Hat, where we highlight students randomly picked from the student body to showcase how impressive and diverse our student body is. 

This week, freshman Conner Brennan.

Q: What clubs/in-school activities are you involved with?

A: I am involved in Game Club. What I like about Game Club is that I get to play games with my friends and connect with others. We meet every Friday after school. 

Q: What games do you play in Game Club?

A: We play video games – my favorite is Mario Kart on Wii.  

Q: What do you do after school when you’re not gaming or studying?

A: Besides Game Club, after school, I have started boxing. I just started boxing a couple weeks ago. That’s every Tuesday and every Saturday for me. 

Q: How’d you get into boxing?

A: I was originally thinking of doing either karate or boxing. My friend boxes and gave me the idea. I signed up and started with some lessons. It feels good to be involved. 

Q: What do you do for fun outside of school? How do you spend your free time?

A: I have two sisters. Sometimes I’ll go outside and play with them. We like to play basketball together. My one sister does karate and is playful. She likes a TV series on Netflix called Cobra Kai, a show about karate, and she started doing the sport. I’ve gone and seen a few of her matches recently. 

Q: How old are your siblings?

A: My one sister goes to Keith Valley and my other sister is in elementary school. They are younger but I like to play around with them and have fun. 

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: I like Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. I think it’s a good movie. I like the fight scenes and the scene where Darth Vader sacrifices himself to save Luke.  

Q: Favorite song? Artist?

A: When I was younger, I liked Justin Bieber. Now, I like Drake’s songs. His songs are good. I’ve been listening to the song “Laugh Now, Cry Later.” It symbolizes a lot about myself. It gets me into a mode where I can relax and chill. 

Q: What have you done that you are proudest of?

A: I used to play hockey. Back in 2019, I won my first March Championship with a team that I didn’t think was going to win because we didn’t have experienced players. However, we pulled off a win against a team from Delaware. It was a sloppy game, but we won the championship, which was insane. I was proud of how my team played. 

Q: Do you still play hockey?

A: I played hockey when I was younger. When the pandemic hit, I stopped playing, and now I do boxing.

Q: What have been some of your favorite classes you’ve taken?

A: Physical science with Mr. Adamucci was a good class to take. We did many labs, a fun one being a paper towel lab where we soaked different brands of paper towels and compared their absorption. Another class that I enjoy is one that I’m taking right now. I’m in geometry with Mr. Field. I like numbers. I like math.

Q: How did your first year compare to middle school? Do you like it more?

A: I thought this year was pretty good. I liked all the energy and excitement coming here, to high school. Red and Black week was good–I had a lot of fun. I enjoy being in Game Club and meeting new friends at HH. The teachers here are overall pretty nice as well. Mr. Field and Mr. Adamucci have been my favorites. This has been a good year compared to middle school.

Q: What was it like, the first time in-person at the high school?

A: I thought the building was really big at first but as soon as I got to understand the building more, I thought it was really easy to find my way around. Coming back to school was a good, easy transition. Obviously, not talking to people for the past two years was pretty hard of course, but I’m trying to get used to being back in person and talking to new people.