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Back on Home Court

Jack Verdeur

Due to the main gym being off-limits to students for weeks because of construction of the new bleachers, our basketball team had to play at Keith Valley. The team had to adjust to using the auxiliary gym and Keith Valley’s gym for practices and games for about two months, but now the gym is now finished and the team was able to return for their first game back at home.

Their first game back in the main gym was Jan. 5th against Lower Moreland. Despite their 42-37 loss, students and spectators said it was great to see the Hatters and the student section back in action at the high school.

Junior Brad Davis and sophomore forwards/guards Shane Phillips and Kenny Lutz spoke about how it felt to be able to play in the new gym and to be back at the high school again.

“It felt amazing; it was actually cold; the court you’re actually able to run on. There were so many more people there. It’s a whole different environment.” said Phillips after being asked about the new environment.

When asked about what the old gym felt like compared to the new one, Davis said, “It’s too small. Not a lot of people fit in it.”  Lutz added: “It makes you want to come to the games here.”

The atmosphere between the two gyms was different too, with Phillips saying the difference in trash talk from other teams and their fans was apparent. “Obviously you have other students that chirp you;  say stuff about your family, your bloodline, your history of life but here it’s the opposite; our fans are cheering for us; chirping the other team making sure they support us.” 

Not as many fans attended Keith Valley games due to the space in the gym but now, the student section is able to go back to normal.  Davis said, “I feel like we feed off their energy.” Phillips said: “When they have energy, we get more. Like, lets go, lets do this!”

As well as talking to players, I was able to speak to fans sophomore Maddie Sachson and junior Jack Donnelly, who both attended the first game at the high school.

Both students were asked how they felt about the game and Sachson said, “It’s really fun; we had a lot of people there and I feel like our student section is really connected.  Everybody gets so into it.” Donnelly said: “It was definitely energetic; lots of noise and it was nice to see everyone come together to support the team.”

The student sections were a big difference too, with Sachson saying: “I like the atmosphere; just everybody getting together and the new Instagram @hh.barstool brought people together too. Everybody is connecting more and getting more into sports; we’re building it up.” Donnelly added: “I think it’s the spirit and the attitude. I’d say we just bring it; what do they have on us? We’re the best.” 

Both students also noticed the difference in energy at the home games now. Sachson said, “When we’re cheering for our team or against the other team, you can really feel it on the court and it feeds their energy.” She also mentioned having the silent night theme and the shift in the energy once the fans started cheering. Donnelly said “I think it hypes them up; I think it makes them want to perform you know? As an athlete it’s nice to know you have supporters.”

“I love watching basketball so just being able to watch basketball in a place where everybody is together and all rooting for the same team is so fun.  The energy is so exciting and it’s fun instead of when you’re away.” said Sachson when asked about her favorite home game experience. Donnelly said: “Just talking crap to the other team to be honest.”

The games aren’t just about wins and losses but it’s also about school pride and spirit. Welcome back Hatters, the court is yours and we’re ready to cheer you on!

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