Hatter Hits Hole in One


Junior Mina Cho playing golf.

On Aug.19, junior and girls golf player Mina Cho made Hatter history by becoming the first person to ever hit a hole-in-one in a competition against Boyertown.

A little bit about Mina is that she plays both golf and tennis and lifts at the gym. She is a part of the Advisory Board, Student Council, Asian Student Union and Jewish Student Union.

Here’s what she has to say about her hole-in-one accomplishment:

“I could not believe it at first because I didn’t see the ball roll in, so I was like, ‘No way that just happened.’ But the girl I was playing with said she saw it roll in, and then we went up and checked. Everyone was just shocked. People were just yelling and screaming. It was just unbelievable at first. I was surprised because I wasn’t even shooting well that day and then that just happened. I’ve never hit a hole in one before. This is the first time.”

“I’ve been playing golf since the summer of sixth grade. I play for the fun of it.”

“I feel good about myself because it’s the first one that’s happened, but I feel like in the future, more golfers will be able to do the same. I feel like there’s many more to come. The future is so unpredictable and there is always a chance of another student making a hole in one. There are many years to come and who knows who the next hole in one champ will be!”

“My coach, Glenn Kaiser, drove over to me during the competition and he jumped up and down once I told him about it. I showed him the video of us checking to see if the ball was in the cup. He gave me this big hug. [Senior] Sammy Fuchs texted me if I was the person who hit the hole in one. She was super excited and everyone else was really excited.”

“We won the last two games, so pretty good. Our team is getting better, but we’re not as competitive; we play more for fun. That’s our number one priority.”

“This hole in one was so unintentional. I wasn’t planning on being like ‘Oh, I’m going to go on this course and hit a hole in one, it was just something that happened.’”

Congratulations, Mina Cho!