Under the Lights


Left to right: Freshmen Emma Davis and Neva Fullmer at the Citrus Bowl.

The cheerleading team had a wonderful start to the new year. On Jan. 1, freshmen cheerleaders Emma Davis and Neva Fullmer represented HH in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. 

Neva said, “I was offered this opportunity because I tried out to be an All-American at our cheer summer camp with UCA and made it. It was amazing to cheer in front of thousands of people at a D1 football game. My favorite part was being right on the field with the college cheerleaders.”

Emma said, “I enjoyed the performance because I got to meet so many new people and make many more new friends. I also got a lot stronger from basing other girls. I was really proud of myself. My favorite part was being in Florida and away from the snowy, cold weather in PA. I don’t cheerlead anymore but I’m hoping I will get more similar opportunities for dance, which is what I’m currently doing.”

In addition, on Jan. 8, the cheerleading team made it to states. They will compete on Jan. 28 and 29 in Hershey. 

Cheer coach Mrs. Tracey Remaily said, “It was an emotional and tough week leading into this competition. With three teammates unable to compete due to illness, we had to redo many sections of our routine just days before the competition. We put a routine out there that we knew we could hit and that is just what the team did. They hit it!”

“When we got the bid, I was so excited to have the opportunity to go, not even to try and win, but just to spend the time with my team that we missed out on so many times recently,” said senior Charli Schulz. “We hit zero! That means nothing fell or wobbled in the air, so we got zero deductions. That is one of the biggest goals in cheerleading.”