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Starcatcher World Tour Review

Amelia Derbyshire

Greta Van Fleet is a band made up of four artists: Josh Kizka, Sam Kizka, Jake Kizka, and Danny Wagner. The group emerged in the mid-2010s, while the members were still in their teens, originally a Led Zepplin cover band. I began listening to Greta Van Fleet through one of my friends, who was always raving about their fantastic tunes.

For this tour specifically, around 1 million tickets were sold for 33 tour dates. Although this tour had lower attendance then their past album tours, they still were a wonderful success.

The performances averaged around 2.5 hours in length. Attending the concert, where I was seated, was an extraordinary experience. I ended up purchasing a ticket in the upper bowl, front row. Tickets in the area were priced around 75 dollars post fees, with an incredible view.

The show itself featured incredible lighting and special effects as well as pyrotechnics. The show also had an acoustic section, performed on the “B” stage, which was in the middle of the crowd on the floor. The artists themselves had solos showcasing their specialties. The setlist featured many of their most popular hits, as well as a section where a random song from their discography was performed.

The artists themselves have unparalleled stage presence and excellent musicianship. Josh Kizka (Lead Singer) is well known for his invigorating high notes and a range like no other. Even live, Josh was able to sustain impeccable tone quality and consistency throughout the 2.5-hour set. Although the works focus on the talents of Josh, his brother Jake (Guitarist) also is a soulful player. Jake has several featured guitar solos and is frequently punching out extreme riffs that cannot be easy. The performance also had an 8-minute drum solo, with only Danny Wagner (Drummer) present on stage for its entirety. When Sam Kizka (bass/piano) wasn’t focused on the bassline of a song, he was playing crisp riffs and features on the keys. Each performer brings their all for each individual performance; it shows.

Some may say there is too much playing of instruments that are not in the released music, in other words, too many instrumental solos. There are, on average, 14 songs in the setlist, meaning at least an hour of the performance is only additional instrumental features. This is not a thing for everyone, but true enjoyers of music in general, like me, would enjoy this performance to its entirety. I would recommend Greta Van Fleet (live or generally), to enjoyers of rock music, Led Zepplin fans, and those who take interest in exceptional instrumentalists. What this band does, whether live or recorded, is extremely difficult.

Many artists struggle to attain the achievements Greta van Fleet has had since they were teens. Have a listen to their past albums: From the Fires (2017), Anthem of the peaceful army (2018), Battle at the Gardens Gate (2021) , and Starcatcher (2023)! I was an exciting concert experience, and I loved it!

Amelia Derbyshire
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