Opinions on Lunch and Learn


Students hanging out in new open space in the B Wing.

Lunch and Learn is up and running, and it’s been a big change for everyone, both returning high schoolers coming from HATS and freshmen coming from KV’s PACE.

Here’s what some of the student body has to say about it.

Freshman Jack McClain said, “I think Lunch and Learn is pretty good. It’s a lot better than the middle school. I play basketball, lift weights, hang out with friends, talk and more. I think students are handling the freedom pretty well. Nothing bad has happened. Everyone is getting along pretty well. It’s a good time to chill and get extra work in.” 

(This quote was taken before fights on Oct. 3.)

Freshman Erin Finello said, “We have a lot more time now. We had a very short period for lunch and then PACE at the end of the day for only twenty five minutes. I like the freedom of Lunch and Learn. We don’t have to be in one place and sign out. We can be wherever we want.”

Freshman Shaina Berkowitz said, “I like that we can eat for half of Lunch and Learn and do work or clubs for the other half.”

Sophomore Lucia Bartuska said, “I prefer Lunch and Learn over the previous HATS schedule because you get more freedom. You get to interact with more people. I didn’t like HATS because I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere. Lunch and Learn is easier for students to get help and talk with your friends. I think some people are taking advantage of the time, while there are others that respect it and use it wisely.”

Many upperclassmen have different thoughts on it. 

Students hanging out in the F Wing locker pods.

Junior Jocelyn Kozen said, “I prefer HATS. In Lunch and Learn we don’t have as much time – we’ve lost 30 minutes! During HATS, I used all of the time to do work and catch up with activities and go to clubs. Things are a lot more rushed now. Regarding the level of freedom and the freshmen that came from a more structured middle school, I think they should have been given more time to adjust. Upperclassmen are more used to the freedom, but an underclassman may find it difficult to find what to do with their time.”

Junior Elliot Kamar said, “During Lunch and Learn, I have been doing homework and getting help from my teachers. I feel like that’s all I do. I do hang out with my friends, but there isn’t as much time to do it. It’s less time than HATS, and I can feel the change. There definitely isn’t enough time to eat lunch – I have to eat while doing work.”

Continuing, she said, “For people who know how to handle the freedom, it’s good, but it’s annoying when a lot of younger students are running around and making a mess.”

Some students referenced the incident on Oct 3. Due to a fight, Lunch and Learn was ended a few minutes early and administrators had to close the foyer. 

Junior Ariana Bertrand said, “I think Lunch and Learn made the fights happen sooner.”

When asked about Lunch and Learn, senior Morgan Mattson said, “I hate it. With it only being two periods, I am always busy. Actually having time to eat is impossible.

“I prefer the scheduling of HATS, but I didn’t like having to be stuck in one room. I enjoy getting up and walking around, but if we had that thirty minutes back, it would be much better.”

Senior Ricky Slye said, “I prefer HATS. We had more time to actually get work done, and now we have lost a whole period. Still, I think Lunch and Learn is going to get better as people find their places and calm down. But as of now, I prefer HATS.”

Still, some upperclassmen prefer Lunch and Learn.

Senior Michael Marcus said, “I prefer Lunch and Learn. We have more freedom. I eat lunch, hang out with people, walk around…Don’t go back to HATS. It’s stupid.”

Other upperclassmen, like senior Katie Harrington, have some constructive feedback.

She said, “I think that we should have the first two periods of HATS during third period like Lunch and Learn but add the last part of HATS to the end of the day. It would be better for kids who do sports because they wouldn’t miss their last period, and students who don’t need it could go home earlier. Teachers were way too strict with HATS, but now they’re saying we can go wherever we want. There should be a medium.”