New Soccer Field Complete


The new soccer and lacrosse field was completed in the first week of November.

Many improvements have been made. The field has a clean, refreshed look and is now turf, instead of grass. It is also lit by a new set of lights surrounding the field and has a new set of bleachers, ready to be filled with HH fans for years to come.

The new field is an upgrade for the soccer players, especially after last year, when they were waiting for the construction to finish. 

The soccer team did not have a dedicated field this past season and practiced in the stadium alongside the football team. The teams had to schedule their practices around each other, so the stadium was crowded.

Members of the girls soccer team commented:

Sophomore Natalie Tocci said, “I’m really excited to play on the field next year because it’s really nice. We won’t have to share the field with as many teams.”

Senior Marissa Rapino said, “It’s going to be really nice for the HHGS (Hatboro-Horsham Girls Soccer) to not having to share the stadium field with all the other sports during the fall, and I’m excited that the future of HHGS will have an amazing field to continue their success on.”

Athletes on the boys soccer team are also looking forward to playing on the new field in their coming seasons.

Junior Jacob Kim said, “I think the new field is a great addition and can really benefit the teams in the future who will use it. I have been on the field a couple of times, and it felt crisp and exhilarating. Knowing that the field will always be there now and is open for use is a great feeling. It opens a lot of new doors for the athletes and teams who perform for our school.”

Junior Paul Guevara said, “I love the new field, and it is a positive addition to the school.”

Some athletes involved in spring sports, such as lacrosse, are already getting excited to use the new field.

Junior lacrosse player David Benjamin said, “I think that the new turf was an amazing addition. Since the main turf is usually pretty crowded, the back field opens a lot of new opportunities, whether it be for team practices or individual shoot arounds the lacrosse team no longer has to squeeze in those 8 p.m. practices on the main turf. The new field was also really well done, in my opinion.”

Also happy about the completed field are student drivers whose parking spots had been occupied by construction tools.

Like several other students at HH, casually driving to school bright and early on the morning of Monday, Oct. 18, I was caught off-guard to find my parking spot covered in caution tape.

According to Admin that morning, my spot, along with a few neighboring spots in the junior lot, was going through “minor construction.” In reality, the spots had been redesignated as the new resting place for the tools and machines being used in the final weeks of construction.

My parking spot, along with other students’, have now been freed from their construction-tape bondage after a long, three-week period of parking panic. 

Junior Jake Freedman was another student whose parking spot was taken.

He said, “I had to park in a random spot towards the back of the school, which was a lot further of a walk. It was pretty annoying that the school didn’t tell me that my spot would be taped off and that they also never told me where to park for the past few weeks.”

Junior Sarah Honicker, another driver whose parking spot fell victim, said, “I literally just drove up to my parking spot one day and there was construction equipment in it. I parked in the parking spots adjacent to where I was supposed to be. I think it was totally unfair for us students, who spent money on our parking spots, to not have them available, let alone for us not to be notified.”

Whatever students’ opinions are on the construction, many people are happy that the new field is now completed for sports teams’ use.