Homecoming Returns from the Dead



Homecoming has been on a hiatus for the past two years, but now it is returning from the dead with a scary twist. After months of trying to get homecoming approved by the school board, Student Council has finally set a date for the 2021 dance: tonight! However, this dance will bear a different theme and name: Hocoween.

Normally, the Homecoming dance is held in October on a Saturday night in the gymnasium. The attire of the evening is formal wear and students are permitted to bring outside guests. This year, however, due to COVID-19 protocols, the dance will be held outside on Monday, Nov. 1, and no outside guests are allowed. As one could imagine, many students have strong feelings about these issues.

“When I first heard that homecoming was becoming a Halloween dance, I was upset and frustrated,” said freshman Allison Thompson. “Homecoming is the first formal dance a high schooler has, and for the school to make it Halloween-themed just seems like a waste of time.”

The biggest change of all, however, was the dress code. Rather than wearing formal dresses, students are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes to match the dance’s festive theme. Even heels got the boot in concern of damaging the turf, leaving many dissatisfied.

“I was a bit disappointed with the unconventional homecoming, and I don’t think I was the only one,” said junior Danielle Nugent. “Both I and people around me are frustrated by the aspect of wearing costumes instead of dresses, especially after so long of not being able to do a formal event. Plus, having homecoming outside seems like a mood killer.”

While other schools are fashioning cute dresses, the cold, outside fall weather leaves students unsure of what to wear. 

“I know a group going in onesies and one going in flowing red dresses. Overall, the ‘costume or fancy attire’ dress code seems to be dividing the school rather than bringing us together for the dance,” Danielle said.

Senior Aneesh Sondur, on the other hand, is unbothered by the dress code. In fact, he finds the informal attire to be a new and interesting change to homecoming. “I think it is cool because everyone can wear costumes,” he said.

After asking peers whether they would be attending the dance, a substantial portion said no. Danielle said, “While I am still planning to attend, many people aren’t as willing to give this year’s homecoming a try, which is a shame.”

Like Danielle, Allison is also willing to give Hocoween a chance, but on her terms. “Yes, I am going to homecoming and in my formal attire!”

However, not everyone has a critique about Hocoween. Senior Annika Demshock found a positive, crediting the school’s creative and festive choice. 

“Hocoween is a cool idea, and I like how original it is,” she said. “It’s not the same thing that we do every year, and I think change can be a good thing.”

But still, she is not completely satisfied with Hocoween. 

“I am not going to homecoming this year,” she said. “I’m disappointed about the fact that it is an outdoor event and that you are not allowed to bring any outside guests.”

Like Annika, Aneesh also likes the originality and creativity of Hocoween. “I think it’s a cool and creative way to get everyone together, especially seniors because it’s our last school Halloween, and we won’t ever get this back,” he said. Aneesh, however, will not be attending Hocoween.