Mrs. Varano’s Advice: Stay true to yourself


Ms. Varano along with other guidance counselors.

This last year has been hard on all teenagers since our “normal” has been disturbed. Many of us have been struggling to maintain a positive mindset and keep good mental health. With that being said, we students have resources to make this time less difficult. We have our school counselors, our favorite teachers, our parents, our friend’s parents and our peers to talk to about our struggles.  

Even without COVID, high school is a hard time for  teenagers. We are getting to know ourselves, experimenting, trying to fit in and make friends. School counselor Mrs. Marcey Varano offers some advice.

Mrs. Varano with her dog, Biggie.


“Be authentic and stay true to your roots,” said Mrs. Varano. This was taught to Mrs. Varano at a very young age. “My parents demonstrated and led by example in this way,” she said. Mrs. Varano explained how if she were to start hanging around someone who might not be the best influence that her parents would question her to make sure she was thinking things through and following her heart.

Mrs. Varano has carried this advice with her as a human, a mom and a counselor today. “When I am talking to students, I ask them questions about who they are,” she said.  She explained how the simple question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” tells a lot about a person and their roots.  Mrs. Varano also asks students to explain and describe what makes them stand out from their peers.  “These questions get to the core of who a person is,” she said.  

As a mother to two children, Mrs. Varano also wants to make sure that her kids are staying true to themselves with every decision they make. “With my kids, 20 years old, and almost 18 years old, I ask them ‘what makes you happy? What makes you feel safe? What makes you smile?’”  Mrs. Varano believes that when people answer these questions, they are answering with what is genuine to themselves. “They can forget all the outside noises and distractions to refocus on who they are,” said Mrs. Varano.

Mrs. Varano wants students to look forward and forget about the past. “Daydream, picture what you want to be after you leave here,” she said. She believes that students need to focus on what we want to be and where we want to end up. “Talk to your mentors because everyone around you wants nothing but the best for you, and we will help you get there.”

In this time of transition, going from strict guidelines from the CDC to our world opening again, Mrs. Varano wants everyone to take time and reflect on what they learned about themselves. “Think about what parts about your life you don’t want to go back to and add them to your daydream plan,” she said. Mrs. Varano describes how she has had some struggles throughout this time but there were also good lessons that have come out of it as well.