Featuring Mr. Baun


Mr. Baun with his dog.

Computer science teacher Mr. Connor Baun has worked at the high school for three years and has become involved in two of the school’s largest clubs: he is the co-adviser of Key Club and the adviser of Future Business Leaders of America. 

After student teaching in the English department under Mrs. Rebecca Rapone, Mr. Baun worked as a substitute teacher in the school for a while, but was soon promoted to being a permanent building substitute at the high school. 

Mr. Baun’s first and only job before becoming a teacher was working at Chalfont Bagel for seven years.

Mr. Baun was hired as a full-time teacher about two years ago, now teaching business and computer science classes, including Intro to Computer Science, Intro to Game Design, Game Design 2, Mobile App Programming, Pathways Seminar, Entrepreneurship, Web Design, Retail Management and Financial Literacy.

“So far, my experience at HH has been amazing,” Mr. Baun said.

One of his stand-out memories was when he worked with Mrs. Rapone. 

Mr. Baun said, “On my last day, all the students in the class wrote me letters, which I have pinned up in my classroom to this day. They also threw a party for me with snacks. They went all-out. It made me realize that this is where I wanted to be.”

Mr. Baun was first introduced to Key Club when he attended Central Bucks West High School. 

He got involved here when he was a student teacher for Mrs. Rapone, the club’s previous adviser. During that time, he volunteered at some of the club’s main events. For example, he helped out with an event for the Simple Gifts Project and at the 5K in English Village. 

Mr. Baun became the co-adviser of Key Club at this time. 

This year, Mrs. Rapone stepped down from being the adviser and Mr. Baun assumed the full role.

“The thing I like about Key Club is that it’s a good way to meet people since all you have to have in common is a love for volunteering,” he said.

Mr. Baun also became the adviser of FBLA in the fall of 2019.

Mr. Baun said, “I’m dual certified in English and computer science. I knew the people in the business department and that Mr. Saunders and Mr. Mulroy, the previous advisers of FBLA, were ready to pass on the torch.” 

The current presidents of FBLA — seniors Veronica Zhang and Ally Vergara — asked Mr. Baun if he would be willing to take up the role and he jumped at the opportunity.

“The members have done a great job with FBLA this year,” Mr. Baun said. “I’m super proud and happy.”

Ally said, “Mr. Baun brought a fresh energy to the FBLA club. He was really eager to get involved and to learn about his position and what it entailed. He was very easy to work with and got things done promptly, such as sending out emails. Mr. Baun is easygoing and is someone I could talk to personally.”

Veronica said, “Mr. Baun’s an amazing advisor. He is so supportive and helps us a lot with setting up and executing our ambitious plans. He works incredibly hard to make our dreams and wishes come true for FBLA. Because of his support, we have been able to expand the club’s membership and offer really cool experiences, such as Breakfast with Santa, the Valentine’s Day Rose Sale and competitions.” 

Currently, Mr. Baun is trying to start a club with Mr. DeLuca involving esports. The club has not been approved yet, but it’s on the horizon.

Mr. Baun said, “I’m always looking for new opportunities and things to get involved with to make my time at HH special.”