Red and Black in May This Year??


Red Team during Red and Black Night last year.

A lot of the details about 2020 Red and Black are still up in the air, including whether or not it is actually going to happen, but here’s what is known so far:

The Red and Black generals were picked for this year, after a long application process. Students must be very involved in the Red and Black events as a junior and have some experience as a team captain to be seriously considered for the role of a general. Students interested in becoming generals fill out an application and are interviewed. Seniors Olivia (Livy) Walker and Jimmy Tooley are the Red Team generals and seniors Teo Bautista and Thea Aquino are the Black Team generals. 


Jamie Erick and Livy Walker

“I like how I get to be behind the scenes and organize everything while also spending time with my classmates and enjoying the event.”
-Red Team General Livy Walker (to the right)
Grade: Senior
Favorite Subject: Math
Dream School: Either University of Vermont or University of Massachusetts Boston
Major: Major in Nursing & Minor in Forensics
Favorite Food: Breakfast Sandwich
Favorite TV Show: “Money Heist”
Favorite Color: Yellow or Red


Jimmy Tooley

“I love being a part of Red & Black, being a general allows me to see every single event and help lead our team to another win.”
-Red Team General Jimmy Tooley
Grade: Senior
Favorite Subject: Math
Dream School: University of Tennessee
Major: Kinesiology or Business
Favorite Food: Snow Crab Legs
Favorite TV Show: Doesn’t Watch TV
Favorite Color: Red


Teo Bautista and Justin Kahrimanian

“My favorite thing about being a general is spending my senior year making Red and Black as fun as possible for everyone, especially with how the year has gone. I want everyone to have a Red and Black to remember.”
-Black Team General Teo Bautista (to the left)
Grade: Senior
Favorite Subject: Government or History
Dream School: Penn State
Major: Law
Favorite Food: Barbeque Chicken
Favorite TV Show: “Breaking Bad”
Favorite Color: Gray


Teo Bautista, Thea Aquino, Jessica Howard and Alexis Gill

“I like seeing what happens behind the scene for Red and Black. I enjoy being a part of something that is such a big deal at our school.”
-Black Team General Thea Aquino (second to the left)
Grade: Senior
Favorite Subject: Social Studies, specifically Government
Dream School: University of Michigan, Penn State, or United States Military Academy West Point
Major: Political Science
Favorite Food: Anything Korean
Favorite TV Show: “Avatar: The Last Airbender”
Favorite Color: Blue


Generals are very important in making sure that the Red and Black events run smoothly. Livy said, “The generals’ role includes everything. We do all of the behind-the-scenes work, while also being the face of the [Red] Team. We pick captains and make decisions for the team. We also work with the captains and decide who gets picked for which event.”

The biggest change this year is that Red and Black Week will be pushed back from March to May. The school is hoping that the extra time might allow for case numbers to decrease and for the distribution of vaccines to our area.

There is a possibility that some of the smaller events may be indoors. However, the generals are playing with the idea of having many events outside, since there will be warmer weather in May.

One problem with having Red and Black be in-person is that the people who are remote and the people who will go back to school for hybrid would mix. Thea said that people who are remote “would possibly have to watch the events through a livestream.”

The Red and Black events will have to be modified to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. Two of the most highly anticipated Red and Black events, the Red and Black dance teams, are most likely going to happen. The teams will probably not perform in the gym, but rather on the football field where the dancers can more easily spread out. 

As for painting the murals, Jimmy said, “Painting is still up in the air. If we are not back to school, painting will probably not happen.” One possibility Jimmy highlighted is that the art captains might each get a small portion of the mural that they would paint by a color by number. The portions would then be put together to create the large murals. 

The themes for each team have not been chosen yet. The Red and Black Teams’ themes are an integral part of Red and Black. Last year, the theme for the Red Team was “The Hunger Games” and the theme for the Black Team was “The Purge.” The generals are currently working on picking the themes for this year.

Overall, there are many uncertainties to how Red and Black events will run this year. Teo said, “Like most things this year, everything for Red and Black can change and nothing is set in stone yet.“