Heading into Hybrid


Mr. Berchick teaching a hybrid class on Nov. 13.

After much anticipation, hybrid learning will begin on Monday, Nov. 16. Yet volunteers from the robotics team have been in and out of the school since much earlier, since Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Making hybrid learning successful requires technology that has not been implemented in the classroom before. With some students opting to come into the building and some students opting to stay remote, teachers will need to use new tools in order to keep the class organized and on the same page.

So for three hours on some weekdays and eight hours on recent weekends, volunteers from the robotics team have been installing new technology to serve that purpose. They have set up televisions, wireless keyboards and webcams for every classroom. Microsoft Teams meetings will be projected on the television so that teachers can instruct both students at home and students in the classroom in real time.

One of the volunteers, sophomore Sreeprada Alladi, said, “It was really tiring to set everything up, but I really enjoyed it. The new technology also gives me reassurance that I won’t miss out on my learning experience, even though I’ll be staying virtual.”

There is no doubt that hybrid learning will be a work in progress. Still, staff, administrators and students have been working hard to set the transition off on the right trajectory.