Political Cookie Campaign


A political cookie storm occurred on Oct. 18, when Eric Trump visited Lochel’s Bakery in Hatboro. The local bakery sold cookies with both Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s names on them and tallied up the sales. 

Trump was given a lead in his cookie campaign when his son came to the bakery. He came with about ten members of the secret service and a parade of flashing cameras. Two secret service members blocked each entrance of the bakery while Eric Trump was in the shop. 

The bakery did the same political cookie campaign four years ago, when Trump ran against Hillary Clinton. However, they only sold around 400 cookies. This year, cookie sales dramatically increased due to the major publicity. Over 20,000 Trump cookies and 5,000 Biden cookies have been sold. Lochel’s bakery got covered on Good Morning America and Fox News. Eric Trump posted on his personal Instagram about his visit. 

Junior Hayley Goldberg was working at the bakery when Eric Trump came in. She said, “I was shocked by the results. I guessed who would be winning the cookie poll based on the demographics of our area. I was still surprised by how many cookies we sold.”

People who were already at the bakery met Eric Trump. A few people on the street recognized him and took pictures from the window outside the shop. He was only at the bakery for 15 minutes, and the news broke after he left, so Trump supporters did not have time to come and see him.

Hayley said that the bakery has received some criticism from people who do not think it is politically correct to sell cookies with the candidates’ names on them. However, she said, “The bakery was only trying to sell cookies, and not enforcing political views on anybody.”

No matter what your political views are, it is remarkable that this local bakery has sold over 25,000 cookies to people all over the nation.