Resurrection of Christian Fellowship Club

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Wu, Lillian F

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Looking to be more involved and connect with others? There’s a new club available this year that may fit the bill.

The Fellowship of Christian Students club is back in session after a two-year hiatus. Juniors Joanne Lee and Gracie Ransom are leading it.

“I think it’s good to meet as a community of Christian students again. [It’s open to] even students who aren’t Christian, so that we can all be together and have fun,” said Gracie.

Joanne added, “Especially during this crazy time, it’s good to take some time to slow down and have fellowship.”

The club plans to meet over Microsoft Teams twice a month during afternoon HATS on Mondays. New members are welcome to join at any time. Meetings will consist of devotionals, Bible discussions, listening to speakers and simply socializing with each other. 

“That’s the plan for now. Things are kind of up in the air,” said Joanne. “We’ll see how it goes, especially with hybrid learning coming soon.”

Students interested can join the FCS Remind at @HHFCS21 to be added to the Teams, as well join the Instagram page at @hhfellowshipclub, where announcements will be posted. Students can also email Joanne Lee or Gracie Ransom to be added to the Teams or to ask any questions.